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Patron in Chief: The Governor of Victoria, Her Excellency the Honourable Linda Dessau AC


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The Beginning...

Established in Victorian 1902, the National Council of Women of Victoria is one of the oldest women's organisations in Victoria. It is non-sectarian and non-party political in encouraging the participation of women in all aspects of community life.

At the first NCWV congress in 1903 among the subjects debated were:

These are still on the agenda today!

Early Achievements

Through the efforts of the Standing Committees of NCWV alone or with other organisations some of our earlier achievements were:

  • Women as School Inspectors (first one in 1914)

  • Increased pay for Junior Teachers (1920's)

  • Access to Agricultural Colleges (1967)  

  • Appointment of first (2) Policewomen (1917)

  • Women Magistrates (1927)

  • Women Jurors (Commenced in 1915 with legislation to amend the Jurie's Act, passed in 1974 - 60 Years Later

  • Rights of the Child (1905 8)                

  • Widows Pension (advocated in 1925, introduced 17 years later)


  • Equal Pay for Equal Work


  • Pioneer Women's Memorial Gardens (1934)

Recent Achievements